Hotel Castle

Reach the nearby Labaro station just 1.5 km from the hotel. The station has ample parking for another really cheap, € 1.50 for the whole day. From here a small train will take you in just 15 minutes

Ristorante Nannarella

We are in the heart of the Roman tradition, in the center of culture, at the highest density point of the capital's restaurants. This is why we must be an excellence in our sector. We offer you the Ro

Car with Driver

The VM Travel leases its vehicles exclusively with driver, and in any case vehicles over 9 seats including the driver, are registered (for the civil motorization) buses, and to conduct them in additio

Atlante Hotel

Atlante Hotels, in Rome, is the hotel group in the heart of the eternal city.It is composed by two 4 stars hotels which are inches away from Vatican City and San Pietro. Atlante Hotels also offers tw

Hotel Farnese

Welcome to the ancient patrician residence of the Farnese Hotel. In an unmistakable atmosphere of elegance and efficiency, you will be welcomed personally by the owners, for over 70 years guaranteeing

National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo

Because of its peculiarities, the National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo can not but reflect the alternating and numerous variations in the use of its site and must be considered, at the same time, mon