Yellow Bar Restaurant

Pizza, homemade pasta and Florentine dishes

Ristorante Nerino n.10

Grilled octopus with low-temperature cooked artichokes and cream of leeks and almonds, Baccala 'with Orange Onion and Star Anise Steamed Mackerel fillet Bis of Salmon and Tuna Tartare with Ten Salsa P

Ristorante Nannarella

We are in the heart of the Roman tradition, in the center of culture, at the highest density point of the capital's restaurants. This is why we must be an excellence in our sector. We offer you the Ro

Restaurant Il Padelino

Marco Bonomi is a few years one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Turin catering.Engineering graduate, equipped with entrepreneurial spirit and big fan of Neapolitan cuisine and tradition generally, he


Founded in 1923 by the spouses Leone, the pizzeria takes its name from the theater in the historic center of Naples which years ago was the place where the best Neapolitan and Italian artists performe

Restaurant I Latini

Around the tables of "il Latini" friendships are intertwined, the languages of the world are spoken, animated discussions are held and tastes of ancient tastes are tasted. "Il Latini" is a tradition: