American Dream Travel Agency

American Dream offers its customers a wide range of destinations, itineraries, locations, services and innovative ideas, with a quality guaranteed by the long experience gained as an international tou

Agency Real Estate

The Real Estate Agency "Euro Immobiliare" in Porto Santa Margherita is a point of reference for your holidays. Thirty years experience in the field ensures an efficient and professional with regard to

Sound Public Relations S.r.l.     Agencies     Milano     0039 02 205695

Sound Public Relations is a global public relations agency that adopts innovative methods and a multidisciplinary approach. An exclusive partner of the Public Relations Global Network and the Tipik Eu


The sixties: the years of youth protests, of sexual revolution, of women’s raise of consciousness and people wearing jeans instead of formal evening dresses at La Scala...Formalities were over and a

CITY EX Courier service

CITY EX is a company located in Milan that boasts over 30 years of experience in the field of couriers and home deliveries, offering a wide range of delivery and delivery services tailored and able to

Cattolica Insurance

Cattolica Insurance takes care of your future and that of your loved ones, proposing numerous formulas and insurance packages for you and for the members of your family. The insurance for the per